Videos of Guild Events


Watch videos taken at recent Guild events including those held in Sudbury Village hall followed by entertainment provided by Guild members in Sudbury Hall & National Trust Museum and an exhibition featuring some of the Lilliput Marionettes that are now permanently housed in Sudbury Hall.

There was a good turnout and there were marionette performances by Michael Dixon and model theatre shows by Sarah Peasgood and Pauline Venables that members and many visitors to Sudbury Hall all enjoyed throughout the afternoon.

All in all, it was a grand day out.

Full report in the June issue of the Guild Newsletter, available free to all Members, but watch the video below to see some of the action.


We regularly run and participate in Puppetry Festivals and events and an annual favourite is the May Fayre held every year in Covent Garden. Watch the video below to get a flavour of the event this year