Blue Plaque for Bob Pelham

Blue Plaque for Bob Pelham

On 28 February 2019, a special commemorative event took place to honour Bob Pelham, founder of Pelham Puppets.

The Mayor of Marlborough, Councillor Lisa Farrell along with Astrid and Sue Pelham (nieces of Bob), unveiled the plaque which sits on the side of the curved building in Kingsbury Street close to the town centre of Marlborough. A wonderful short video has been produced to record the occasion and this can be viewed here.

The Plaque was unveiled on what would have been Bob’s 100th Birthday. Pelham Puppets have been synonymous with childhood growing up in the UK for generations and for many, their first experience of puppetry has been with a couple of Pelham Puppets on the living room floor in front of family.

Pelham Puppets began as ‘Wonky Toys’, and these characterful little puppets were exported near and far. By the 1970’s Pelham Puppets had an international reputation and was the largest employer in Marlborough.  The factory finally closed in 1986, but not before leaving a lasting legacy of Pelham puppets for future generations to play with.

In July 2017, our own David Leach worked in partnership with the Town Council to produce a festival to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Pelham Puppets.

The Mayor of Marlborough, Councillor Farrell said ” This blue plaque is a fitting tribute to Bob Pelham who played a hugely important part in Marlborough’s history”. It might also be said that Pelham Puppets have played an equally important role in the continuing popularity of puppetry in the UK.

David Leach is the current owner of the Pelham brand. He was delighted with the support he has received and is pleased to finally see this recognition for Bob Pelham.