About the Guild

We are a long established, friendly organisation and our experienced members, each experts in their own right, are willing to share a wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas of puppetry and model theatre and to encourage others to learn more.
The Guild holds regular meetings across the UK at which members can exchange views, gain experience through workshops and watch performances.

The Guild’s aims are:

To promote the practice of the art of Puppetry and Model Theatre

To maintain an effective communication network between our members, other related organisations and associated bodies

To preserve and share the heritage of British Puppetry and Model Theatre


Whether you are a professional performer, a teacher, a maker of puppets or a young person wishing to pursue puppetry or model theatre as a hobby or past time or simply want to know more, everyone regardless of age or ability can apply to become a member of the Guild.

All members of the Guild, resident in the UK, are entitled to automatically become an associate of PuppeteersUK and are encouraged to have an entry in the PuppeteersUK online Directory: www.puppeteersuk.com
To join the Guild please visit our online shop and click on Membership