Brian Hibbitt – Treasurer

My initial interest in puppetry was sparked, like so many people, on a Sunday afternoon watching a flickering 9 inch black and white TV screen and watching Muffin the Mule! From that point onwards I was hooked. My first love was and still is marionettes and under my grandfather’s guidance I learnt to carve and make my first crude figures. By the time of the Queen’s coronation in 1953 I was performing and remember attempting to dodge the rain and fit in three different children’s parties on that memorable day. My first contact with the Guild was attending their annual Exhibitions at the Royal Hotel in London in 1954 and 1955 which both inspired me but also told me I had much to learn.

It was not long however before National Service, marriage, raising a family and carving out a career in the printing industry interrupted all of this and it was not until the early 80’s that I began to pick up the threads of Guild membership. In parallel with puppetry I had always been a keen photographer and with the advent of video, my camera and I became a regular feature at many
Guild events. I still have some very shaky VHS footage taken at a Guild weekend at Abbots Bromley in 1986! In 1991, my arm was twisted to take on the editorship of the annual Guild journal The Puppet Master, a task that I enjoy and have done continuously ever since, in parallel with caring for the Guild finances as its treasurer.