Hand / Glove Puppets

Glove puppets fit on the hand, like a glove. They can be made of many types of materials, often a solid head is attached to a cloth body and because the hand is in direct contact with the puppet, they have great energy, so are good for fast moving puppet shows. They work well in open booth type presentations and can give very humourous performances with the right story to tell. Simple for children to manipulate, they can also provide a sensitive performance in the hands of an expert puppeteer.

Glove Puppet hands can be made of cloth, wood or other materials. They don’t often have feet, but if they are needed, they are usually sewn into the front of the costume to hang over the front edge of a playboard.

Tom the Cabin Boy, made by Brian Davey for Primary Puppets production of The Battle of Trafalgar

A well made professional glove puppet will not only last for many years, but will be able to perform well. This example has wooden hands and a latex head which allows the puppeteer to pick up props and is comfortable to use in performance. Notice how the style of the puppet is bright with strong features which is good if the puppet is to be seen from a distance.