Marionettes / String Puppets

One of the great advantages of a string puppet is because it is operated from above, the audience quickly forget about the operator altogether.

Marionettes or String Puppets have been made for hundreds if not thousands of years. In expert hands a delicate array of subtle movements can be achieved making this type of puppet very expressive. Children can also get a great deal of fun out of these puppets, with the addition of an extra string or two, the puppet can perform tricks, such as juggling balls, or even cycling!

String puppets are great fun to make – but can be complicated to build, so many people start with other types of puppets. The Guild has some well tried and tested plans for making string puppets and there are also lots of helpful tips on the internet. In the UK, many children have grown up with the famous Pelham Puppets which were a popular commercial puppet for many years. These days, Pelham puppets are still changing hands as new generations discover the fun of putting on a puppet show. Rare Pelham puppets can command high prices as collectors seek them out. There are dedicated websites for valuing rare examples.