Pauline Venables – Council Member

The puppet adventure started when I was a child. We often passed through Marlborough when visiting relatives and I would look and marvel at the shop with all the wonderful Pelham puppets in the window. Then one Christmas I was given a puppet,  sadly I soon realised that marionettes were not for me. It was then that I began to cut up boxes and card to make puppet shows which I then performed for my brother and our friends. This was my entry to the world of model theatre.

As a student teacher I visited Battersea Puppet Centre for meetings and courses.

A shadow puppetry course by Madame Souhami fired an interest in shadow puppets and I made a show based on a Russian folk tale which was part of my final study and was performed in several local schools. I carried the show in an electric blanket box which was emblazoned with ‘The Path to Dreamland’ which I thought very apt!

That was many years ago and since then I have lead many children’s workshops and we have performed in schools, churches and at Doncaster Cultural Festival.

We have had great fun.

Model Theatre and shadows are still my main interests and I look forward to the days when workshops and performances are again possible.