Spotlight on … Christopher Gadd

Chris with Pius for the Bristol 48Hr Film Challenge

Christopher Gadd is a puppet maker, puppeteer, and creature maker. His Interest in puppetry was sparked when he was 5 and saw a puppet show at Butlins. Since that time, he has been hooked and always wanted to be a puppeteer. During his teenage years, he was focused on becoming a set designer as he was sure that being a puppeteer wasn’t a “Real Job”. However, later he was able to explore for himself while doing his art foundation course. It was during that course he found a Puppetry course at Central, and he knew he owed it to his younger self to go for it and try and get a place on the course. And, he got in!

Christopher’s time at central taught him so much and really exposed him to just how big the world of puppetry was. While at Central he took part in so many workshops and really started to find the areas of puppetry that he really thrived in and loved. From performance, through to the making and designing process of each puppet and character. He was so fortunate to be able to make and design some of the characters for “A Message from the Sea” which he created with his fellow puppetry students and was lucky enough to perform at “Little Angel Theatre”. His time at Central really pushed everything he thought he could do and more.

He graduated in 2020 and it wasn’t easy to find his feet in the puppetry or theatre world as there was so much uncertainty. He spent a lot of time at home during lockdown trying to continue learning, and he participated in several online puppet film challenges. In his first one (LA Puppet Guild 48-hour Puppet Film Challenge) his film “Trench” was even placed in the top 10 films. He was also lucky enough to work on a TV Pilot as a puppeteer for Rouge Element, a project to watch out for!

Christopher was very lucky to also work with Judith Hope as a puppet maker for 3 productions over 2021. “The Smartest Giant in Town” (Little Angel Theatre), “Cinderella – The Awesome Truth” (Polka Theatre), and “There may be a castle” (Little Angel Theatre). The Smartest Giant in Town marked his first professional Puppet Making Job. He is now also working part time as a prop and costume technician at The London Dungeons. 

As well as his freelance work he has also set himself a challenge in 2021 to recreate film or TV characters in puppet or figure form. A challenge that has pushed him more than he could ever know and really let him explore what makes each character so iconic. Characters include Mrs Doubtfire, Mary Poppins and Captain Barbossa. 

Over all these years, Christopher’s love for puppetry has only got stronger. Every puppet that he makes, or operates, has a part of him inside them, his creativity, his passion, his love, and a part of his soul. 

You can see more of Christopher Gadds’ work @cgpuppetry on Instagram or by heading to his own website