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Welcome to the Archive of The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master, the official journal of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild has, under a succession of editors, been published continuously since 1946. It is a unique record of the British puppetry scene from Muffin to the Muppets and beyond, and perhaps more importantly documents the many people that made it all happen.

Now for the first time you can buy old issues of The Puppet Master as we are able to share every one of the 147 issues of the magazine in searchable PDF format. Obviously time has taken its toll on some of the earlier issues so quality is variable but they are all readable nevertheless. For people researching a particular topic, click the index button below to download the Free Index where every article is listed. You may then search by author or topic to find the volume and issue that it first appeared in.

By using the index, make a note of the volumes in which the items appear and then click on the link below to shop for the specific Volumes.

For people with a more general interest the most cost effective route is to purchase a CD where you will find every one of the 147 issues of the magazine sorted within the 21 volumes in the sequence they originally appeared.